7.18.13- The Mobros open for B.B. King!

Our exclusive photos from their performance!  The Mobros play our CCX Music Fest Sept.14!!!

Photos and Video from CCX 2013 coming soon!

Thanks to ALL who helped make our inaugural Carolina Cultural Exchange Music Fest a HUGE SUCCESS!  

5.4.13- QC Productions Presents

Marshall Brown's CD Release!

Columbia, SC musician Marshall Brown rolled up to Asheville with his band for a special CD Release show!

Here's is an exclusive live video of his song


The "QC" in QC Productions stands for Quantum Cohesion.  This is a fairly new physics term that essentially refers to the process of forming a connection(s) on a subatomic level through the most fundamental forms of energy.  Music has a unique ability to create a type of connection so powerful yet so subconscious that it has even been proven to alter the body's physiology through nothing more than audible waves of energy and the emotions they induce.  Music harnesses a power that we don't even fully understand yet and humans were the ones to invent it!

Gotta love science!


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CCX Music Fest 2013!

Thank You Asheville for supporting great local and regional music!

We'll see you next year!!!