Carolina Cultural Exchange

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Durham, NC

Kovacs & the Polar Bear

Asheville, NC

N o r t h   C a r o l i n a


The Moon And You

Asheville, NC

Doc Aquatic

Asheville, NC

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THE Dubber

Columbia, SC

The Black Iron Gathering

Columbia, SC

The Mobros

Camden, SC

Marshall Brown & The Rare Birds

Columbia, SC

The Restoration

Lexington, SC

S o u t h   C a r o l i n a


Mountain Feist

Asheville, NC

Kovacs & the Polar Bear

The Restoration

Come celebrate the best Music, Culture and Community

the Carolinas have to offer!

Music Festival

QC Productions and Asheville, NC welcomes you to the inaugural

Their debut concept album, Constance, has been taught in university literature and history courses and was featured on  They were even listed by PASTE Magazine as one of the "Top 10 Bands of SC!"  The Restoration will also be featured Sun. July 28 in this year's Bele Chere Music & Arts Festival in downtown Asheville, NC.

Formed in 2007, the band have used their varied backgrounds as a lens for exploring the music and culture of their native soil, channeling storytelling and regional history through instrumentation associated with traditional and post-rock America alike.  
At the core of this exploration is a desire to preserve and
enjoy the rich cultural heritage of the South while taking 
responsibility to acknowledge the problematic history that
created it.

                                                                   The Restoration’s debut, Constance, explores racial   
                                                                   identity and the terrifying widespread acceptance of mob violence in early 20th century Lexington, SC.  Their followup, Honor the Father, returns to Lexington in the 1950s for a semi-allegorical tale of religious radicalism and abusive Bible-inspired patriarchy. The band’s two upcoming releases will focus on a 19th-century minister’s struggle with the Biblical defense of slavery, and the subjugation of the LGBT community still happening today.

Musically, the band wishes to take part in the evolution of traditional and regional music, providing a living, contemporary voice that embraces overlapping genre boundaries while remaining aware and respectful of music history.

Formed in 2004 in Durham, NC, Bombadil is an eclectic and unique 3-piece that has already seen and experienced more than many bands do in their lifetime.  They began to gain steady notoriety writing, and touring as much as possible.

In 2006, they opened for The Avett Brothers at a surprise charity gig that sold out in less than a minute.  It was this performance that caught the eye of Dolph Ramseur (of Ramseur Records- the label managing the likes of The Avett Brothers, Samantha Crain and Langhorne Slim).  "It was very much like The Avett Brothers when I saw them the first time.  It was all the members walking this tightrope—falling to pieces, but not falling off."  Ramseur reminisces. Bombadil was immediately signed to Ramseur Records allowing them 

even more opportunities to grow and showcase their innovative style.

The band recorded their last album All That The Rain Promises in a barn on Pandarvis Farm in Portland, OR (the same barn where The Decemberists recorded 'The King is Dead').  Unfortunately, Bombadil was forced to take an unexpected hiatus when the guitarist Daniel Michalak suffered severe complications from neural tissue damage that left him unable to play but now they are back and better than ever!  These talented and hard-working guys have played all over the country including some of the biggest and best music festivals including Bonnaroo, FloydFest, Pickathon, and Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion.  Bombadil will grace a stage of the inaugural CCX Music Fest to showcase their old favorites as well as a brand new album, just announced titled Metrics of Affection​ (release date- July 23).  With a steady rise in attention (including a recent feature article in The NY Times and showcased on NPR) and their sights aimed sky-high, you may not be able to see Bombadil in as intimate of a setting in quite some time (if ever again)... You don't want to miss this!

"..blessed with that rare, intangible element that transcends talent or practice and separates the good from the great." -Mountain Xpress

"Kovacs and the Polar Bear are having one hell of a year. In a matter of months, the band has become one of Asheville's most beloved acts, and with good reason. Its rich harmonies, catchy hooks and delicately-balanced marriage of Appalachian folk and indie rock are downright irresistible. But there's more to the band's appeal: Kovacs is blessed with that rare, intangible element that transcends talent or 

practice and separates the good from the great. It's something you've got or you don't, a quality that can't be won or conquered. And it's all over this band." - Mountain Xpress

Marshall Brown & The Rare Birds

"...strong emotional ballads, beautiful folk and pop melodies, and upbeat songs with deeper meanings." -WKNC

"...carefully crafted songs that blend into other songs with otherworldly transitions, backward instruments and seemingly non-musical noises that take it from just an album experience to a tour of the wonderful, dynamic Kingdom that is the music of Marshall Brown." -Stereofly

Columbia, SC musician Marshall Brown has made quite a name for himself.  Having been labeled as one of the best musical artists of the South, he is already a regular feature in a variety of print and online publications, radio shows, and podcasts throughout the Southeast.  Brown's music is a staple in the South Carolina music scene and is steadily on the rise.  His songs are unique and infectious, described by one review as a mix of "eerily beautiful vocal melodies floating on 

expressive guitar licks within layered dream-like states all nestled between rhythmic waves of Pixies-esque raw energy."

​Brown records all of his releases himself at home (with the exception of drums), utilizing the same methods and techniques as some of his favorite artists and predecessors of the 1960's.   He quickly garnered a great deal of attention and praise for, not only his innate talent in songwriting, but also his specific recording style, even further personalizing his signature sound.  And it's this signature sound that has even been compared to The Beatles' famous album 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band!' One review stated that listening to High Noons was "as if The Beatles' song 'A Day In The Life' was made into an entire album."

​Brown performs solo and with a full 4-piece backing band as "Marshall Brown & The Rare Birds."

“There’s something so buoyant and blithe about local indie/psychedelic band Doc Aquatic that it’s pretty near impossible to watch them on stage and not smile.” -Mountain Xpress

Doc Aquatic (featured in this year's Bele Chere) is a psychedelic rock trio based in Asheville, NC.  Angular and melodic guitar work combine with a  steadily bouncing rhythm section to create a familiar but unconventional sound.  Their latest EP Distance Means was named one of the "Best Releases of 2011" by Asheville’s Mountain Xpress. They have just recently finished recording their first full-length album titled TOMBS.  And although there is no scheduled release date yet, QC Productions has gotten word that it will be out just in time for CCX Music Fest!

Doc Aquatic

The Mobros

“BEST NEW BAND: If you haven’t heard the funky new-wave soul of The Mobros, just wait. ” -The State Newspaper

The rock duo out of Camden, S.C. play music that's decidedly vintage, as if the band was plucked from a riverside juke joint.  Kelly Morris, who plays guitar and sings with sweeping guttural gusts that can elicit shivers, is joined by his brother, Patrick, on drums.  Whereas most bands would be satisfied with re-creating a sound and mood that invokes nostalgia, The Mobros have expanded on the soul and rock music they listened to in their youth, and adding deeply-rooted Southern upbringings.

Here's where you should know that Patrick is 19 and Kelly is 22, and they've already become a main stage draw.  They've played the prestigious Carolina Downhome Blues Festival, Columbia's Blues Festival, the Carolina Homegrown Music Festival and the Free Times Music Crawl and have even been a traveling opener for B.B. King!  About 40,000 revelers were at St. Pat's Day Festival in Columbia, SC when The Mobros played a headlining slot in 2012.  With his guitar, Kelly, who is crafty and prolific, creates a labyrinth of notes, sometimes playing dual guitar and bass parts.  Patrick, who is sponsored by Anchor Drums, adds Caribbean percussive inflections.

What is immediately gripping about the brotherly music is their flourishing harmonies, the melodic layers stacked seemingly effortlessly.  The brothers are taking sabbaticals from college to pursue music, and they are currently recording their debut album.  Venues have smoldered because of their sweltering sets, as the band melds Latin, blues, funk and soul, often in the same song, into a scintillating blend.  The music can also soothe in the way that authentic, decades-old soulful classics do.  For The Mobros, the old ideas are seasoning for their resonant, modern sound.  The Mobros will release their debut full-length album just before CCX Music Fest​!

The Moon And You

The Moon and You is an acoustic duo from Asheville that will be making their way back home from touring through New York to play our CCX Music Fest!  They're a beautiful duo that “blends cello and guitar to craft folk music with a 1970’s singer-songwriter feel in the vein of Joan Baez or Harry Nilsson. Together they make tender songs that feel like a warm homemade blanket,” says Brian Tucker of the Wilmington Star News Online.

"...sweet and sometimes swinging take on Americana-type folk music. It’s a rich, full sound: Sometimes you’d swear there were more than two people onstage.” -Connect Savannah

When those bands went their seperate ways, Furstenberg and Hyman chose to join forces rather than get a job.  The result of this collaboration – between an impossibly sassy cellist from New York and a whimsical fingerstyle guitarist from Eastern North Carolina – is hard to forget, but easy to fall for.

Still road warriors, The Moon and You never skipped a beat.  They have continued traveling almost nonstop throughout the Southeastern US as well as making increasingly frequent trips northward. They are quickly building a loyal fan base the old-fashioned way.  Each concert by  The Moon and You showcases thoughtful and unusual string arrangements, thought-provoking songwriting, and gorgeous vocal harmonies.  It also makes folks laugh, cry and miss their boyfriend in Japan (all claims based on actual audience feedback).  The Moon and You keeps fans coming back with passionate and skillful instrumentalism and voices that blend like they were made for one another.

The Black Iron Gathering recognized as a multi genre band somewhere between the "Punk & Folk" sound. The unit consists of Singer-Songwriter, guitarist, kazoo player, and Mandolin player Billy Ray, Singer-Songwriter guitarist, mandolinist Charles Funk, Singer-Songwriter and Banjo player Charlie McClinden, Upright Bassist and vocalist Chris Paget, and Drum and Percussionist Josh 

"The range and breadth of the material is often breathtaking, as the group's more traditional abilities blast through instrumental jams powered by traditional bluegrass instrumentation." -Free Times

The Black Iron Gathering

Latham. The Black Iron Gathering writes high energy bluegrass style power anthems, catchy ballads, and thick instrumental grooves that pulse for live show dancing and contagious sing-along.  TBIG released self produced album in Spring/Summer of 2011 as well as a studio release 5 song EP.  The band has started festival and venue dates to support the recordings up through 2013.  The band will simultaneously release another studio EP, a self produced collection and live concert recording series.

THE Dubber

"...anchored in the worldview and sounds of reggae, taking the socio-political side of Bob Marley melding it with the contemporary spin of The Roots.  He calls his music "urban folk," and there's more than a little Gil-Scott Heron or Richie Havens in what he does with an acoustic guitar.” -Free Times

Middle Eastern and Afro Beat, is the complex stew that helps him express his blues and completes such a distinctive sound.

With radio airplay here and abroad, three U.S. tours and two albums (2005's In the Temple of... and 2010's Global Warning) under his belt, THE Dubber recently embarked on his first European tour in the fall of 2011, which went over with rave reviews throughout London and Paris.

Since 2005, the Washington DC born/Columbia SC based artist has been trailblazing the U.S. with an honest and intimate stage show.  His sophisticated one man band guitar style and universal message of Oneness, keeps THE Dubber booked year round. Always a crowd favorite, he has played prestigious events such as South by Southwest Music Conference (Austin TX) and Mid-Atlantic Music Conference (Charlotte NC).  This international star will kick off the inaugural CCX Music Fest​!

In the tradition of the Mississippi Delta Bluesmen, THE Dubber confronts the world with only his words and a guitar.  The self- taught singer/songwriter reinvents himself

by infusing the styles of a 30 year musical journey.  America's Rock, Jazz and Funk, flavored by the International sounds of Reggae,

"...high energy songs that get feet tapping and hands clapping...about as fast as bluegrass can be..."

-The Brillion News

Mountain Feist is a groove oriented and high energy progressive bluegrass band who plays a fast paced, interactive show supported by tight three part harmonies, instrumental features and an eclectic repertoire of original music as well as fresh covered material.  A traditional bluegrass setup of Guitar, Mandolin, Upright Bass and Banjo, as well as the stage dynamics of a (seemingly) single mic setup makes Mountain Feist's show one 

Mountain Feist

that will excite audiences that love acoustic music, and those that didn't think they could.  Mountain Feist is ranked in the top three bluegrass bands in WNC by!


In the last few years Mountain Feist has become a staple in the Asheville music scene, being a featured artist in this year's Bele Chere and frequenting the stages of Highland Brewing, Jack of the Wood, Riverfest, Merlefest and countless other festivals and venues spanning from Northern Georgia to Wisconsin and New York.  Mountain Feist's self-titled debut album was released in June just before their Summer tour in which they traveled from Asheville, NC to Wisconsin and over to Michigan (where they even played a performance while crossing on the Lake Michigan ferry) before heading back to these mountains they call home.


"A must-hear...Revved up bluegrass bliss!" -Shuffle Magazine

(Click on artist photo for their website)​

Rooted in the rich music scene of Asheville, NC, Ryan Furstenberg (previously of Asheville's 'Uncle Mountain') and Melissa Hyman began playing together for fun when both were part of successful bands touring the Southeast.

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7:30-8:15-- THE Dubber

8:15-9:00-- Mountain Feist

9:15-10:00-- Doc Aquatic

10:15-11:00-- The Mobros

11:15-     -- The Black Iron


CCX Music Fest 2013


Emerald Lounge

8:00-8:45-- The Moon 

                            And You

9:00-9:45-- Marshall Brown

              & The Rare Birds

10:00-10:45-- Bombadil

11:00-11:45-- The Restoration

12:00-     -- Kovacs and the

                        Polar Bear